Pay Per Cup

Most Popular Workplace Coffee Solution!

Free Tabletop or Vending Machine

Just pay per cup usage

No need for staff to maintain – No filling – No cleaning –  No need to order/buy consumables –  No repair charges.

ONLY High Quality Bean to Cup Coffee and beverages to enjoy!!

Full weekly service including refilling, cleaning and servicing machine(s).

Our existing clients absolutely love this concept!!


KEY FEATURES OF PAY PER CUP USAGE:                                                          

  • Free machine installation and ongoing maintenance.
  • We supply consumables and refill machine.
  • No need for staff rosters to clean and maintain machine.
  • Less hygiene issues compared to fresh milk machines.
  • More cost effective option than fresh milk machines.
  • More hot beverage options than traditional coffee machines.
  • A detailed beverage report is issued on a monthly basis.
  • Quality 100% Arabica  beans or equivalent freshly-grounded in all machines.
  • Ideal for companies offering free coffee to customers and staff – all workplaces, gaming/bingo, hotels/motels, B&B, car yards, showrooms, etc.
  • Many selections – Cappuccino, Cafe Latte, Mocachino, Espresso, Double Espresso, Macchiato, Long Black, Chicken Soup, Tea, Tomato Soup, Chai Latte, French Vanilla, Hot Chocolate.
  • Replacement machine if not repairable on the same day.
  • We own equipment so it’s in our interest to have it in 100% operational condition.